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Whole egg powder

Whole egg powder Ovostar
Whole egg powder Ovostar

The use of egg powder brings a lot of benefits for the food manufacturers such as confectionery, bakery companies and meat products processors.

It is a ready and easy to use ingredient which results in less time and resources. It is the cost effective form of eggs for transportation, storage and recipe formulation.

The crucial advantage of egg powders is their risk-free nature which ensures a safe end product. Longer shelf life in comparison to liquid eggs or shell eggs makes egg powder the best choice for the food factories. Besides egg powder preserves all nutritional and functional properties of shell eggs.


Learn about the benefits of using egg products


Food Safety

Contents 100% of eggs

Cost effective


Key Features

1 kg of whole egg powder is equal to 80 average-sized fresh eggs
whole egg powder (100%)
In cool and dry place
24 months;
below 20⁰C, no direct light , no extraneous odors
After opening
use as soon as possible
Paper bag with a polyethylene bag inside
20 kg
Carton box with a polyethylene bag inside
20 kg, 25 kg
Food industry
meat products, pasta;
pet nutrition
Confectionary and bakery
cupcakes, biscuits, croissants
How to use:
1 part of egg powder to 3 parts of water
for best result mix whole egg powder with other dry ingredients and add water