The key advantage of Ovostar Union group is the vertical business integration which provides variety of benefits. So OVOSTAR egg processing plants have the following:

  • access to fresh eggs from Ovostar Union's own poultry farms;
  • logistics cost economy due to close distance to the source of raw materials;
  • fresh shell eggs of high quality that has passed thorough quality control.

We always aim to maintain the high food safety standard. Therefore the fresh eggs as well as egg products are produced under close scrutiny during all production cycle.

OVOSTAR egg processing plants are equipped with up-to-date automated facilities. The advanced technology separates the egg into white and yolk with high accuracy. Then egg products are being filtered to remove small particles of shell.

technology Ovostar Union
technology Ovostar Union

After some automated manipulations the egg products are pasteurized; this is an integral part of the production of both dry and liquid eggs.

technology Ovostar Union

The premises are regularly treated with all sanitary measures to maintain clean facilities.

Egg processing technology at OVOSTAR