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Liquid Egg Yolk Pasteurized 1 kg

Liquid egg yolk Pure Pak
Liquid egg yolk
Liquid egg yolk Pure Pak
Liquid egg yolk

Liquid egg yolk is made from fresh chicken eggs from the own poultry farms of the Ovostar Union Group of Companies, by carefully separating the proteins from the yolks and mandatory pasteurization.

Use of liquid egg products:

  • significantly saves electricity, water, labor resources due to the absence of additional manipulations with the egg.
  • guarantees food safety due to mandatory pasteurization and control of physicochemical, microbiological, organoleptic, functional and safety indicators;
  • provides additional convenience, because there is no need to process the remains of the egg, dispose of the shell.

Ovostar offers the product in a new packaging design Pure Pak. The eco-friendly practical packaging is made of mix board from responsible sources. Smooth liquid consistency, safety and quality remain high.

Liquid egg yolk is the key ingredient in source and mayonnaise manufacturing as well as in some confectionery such as ice-cream. Liquid egg yolk is a ready-to-use solution for bakeries, confectioneries, and other food industries. Liquid egg yolk facilitates the process of preparing dishes, increases technological efficiency and saves unnecessary trouble in professional and home kitchens.


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Key Features

Equivalent 1 kg of liquid egg yolk is equal to egg yolks from 60 average-sized eggs
pasteurized liquid egg yolk (99.3%), preservative potassium sorbate (0.5%), citric acid (0.2%).
Store closed for no more than 60 days at a temperature not higher than + 6°C.
After opening, keep chilled at 0° to + 6°C in original packaging with a closed cap for a maximum duration of 3 days.
Carton packaging
1 kg.
12 units in a carton box
Shake before use
At home and professional kitchens
dressings, mayonnaises, confectionery, ice-cream, pasta