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Liquid egg white pasteurized 1 kg

Pasteurized liquid egg white 1 kg Ovostar
Pasteurized liquid egg white 1 kg Ovostar

Originated from fresh chicken egg the liquid egg white is a real source of natural protein rich of amino acids. It has very high biological value in comparison to other types of protein as it is fully digested by human body. Besides it is the key ingredient in bakery and other food processing fields owing to its whipping abilities.

The frozen liquid egg product allows it to be transported over long distances and used for a continuous period.

Ovostar offers the product in a new packaging design. The eco-friendly practical packaging is made of mix board from responsible sources. Smooth liquid consistency, safety and quality remain high.

Liquid egg white OVOSTAR is made from egg whites by breaking and carefully separating egg white and yolk. Thanks to the special Albuchecker technology, we get the purest egg white without yolk impurities. The product is exposed to obligatory pasteurization.

Liquid egg white is a ready-to-use solution for bakeries, confectioneries, pivoted ingredient for manufacturing creams, nougat, marshmallow, soufflé etc. It saves time and ensures the convenience.

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New brand

High protein


Customized packaging


Key Features

1 kg of liquid egg white is equal to egg whites of 30 average-sized eggs
produced from fresh egg whites, contents a preservative
0° to +4°C of the product - maximum 60 days; after opening store in original packaging with closed cork during 72 hours at 0° to + 4°C;
can be frozen
Carton packaging
1 kg;
12 units in a carton box;
Shake before use
At home and professional kitchens
for cooking protein-containing receipts; sports nutrition
Where to buy:
For consumers
in retail chains Auchan, Metro
For wholesaler
contact Sales Department