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Ovostar traditionally presents its products at Gulfood 2022

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Ovostar at Gulfood 2022 Dubai

February 13-17, 2022 Ovostar takes part in the world's largest food and beverage exhibition Gulfood 2022 (Dubai).

We invite you to the company's stand in the pavilion Ukraine

Shk Saeed 2


Booth 9

Rising role of Ukrainian food producers in the world and growing importance of high-tech sustainable agricultural production contribute to Ovostar’s participation at the international meetings. Ovostar negotiates with its current and future customers, studies the market demand and consumer trends. All it needs for its mission — to produce environmentally friendly and healthy food for the Ukrainians and consumers abroad. Due to their high quality, Ovostar products are already in demand in more than 50 countries. Ovostar's trade offices OAE Food Trade FZE (Dubai, UAE) and Ovostar Europe (Latvia) have been operating for several years. The company has been working in the Middle East, Asia and Africa for more than 10 years.

In 2020, OVOSTAR Omelet Mix was featured as a trend product in the special Gulfood Future Zone, and in 2021, OVOSTAR's Pure Pak liquid egg product line won an award at Gulfood Innovation Competition.

Visitors to the Ukrainian pavilion will be able to talk to representatives of Ovostar and get to know a wide range of environmentally friendly egg products with proven quality and safety standards.

120 countries and over 4,000 companies participate in Gulfood in 2022.

6388 reviews