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Ovostar Union Is Launching Liquid Egg Products In A New Format

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liquid eggs, Ovostar, Yasensvit

Ovostar Union, a leading Ukrainian producer of chicken eggs and egg products, is launching the innovative solution on the national market: liquid egg products in a gable-top carton packaging Pure-Pak®.

Previously OVOSTAR product range included liquid egg products in the plastic cans for foodservice and retail market: liquid egg white, liquid whole egg and scrambled eggs, all pasteurized.

For the retail segment the product line will be launched under YASENSVIT brand that has already gained high awareness and loyalty among Ukrainian consumers. The product line will include Liquid egg whites, Liquid whole eggs, and Liquid mix for scrambled eggs.

The packaging capacity 500 g will be enough for cooking a few dishes. In addition to compact packaging the consumer will benefit from time-saving, convenience and clean kitchen. These are ready to use egg products that bring a new experience in food consumption and preparation and allow you to enjoy your everyday kitchen chores.

The line of professional products for foodservice market will have the same features of the OVOSTAR products and trade mark as it currently has. The Liquid egg white and Liquid whole egg will be in the carton packaging 1 kg. Frozen option is available for some export markets. Food safety, convenience and smart kitchen are the main drivers for professional customers.

The range of liquid egg products in the upgraded design will be presented in national retail chains, cash & carry and HoReCa distributors. Export markets are also in focus. The target regions for export are Middle East and Europe. B2B customers can order standard egg products: whole egg, egg white and egg yolk, as well as egg mixtures, which are already purchased on a regular basis by foreign food producers and catering operators.

Ovostar Union Group of companies keep following the organic growth strategy with a focus on two highlights: innovations and business sustainability.

“The innovative vector is one of the key advantages of our company. We were the first to introduce branded eggs to the Ukrainian market, we pioneered in launching liquid egg products, and were the leaders in introducing new poultry housing systems in the egg industry like barn and free range standards. And now we are the first to offer a liquid egg as a finished product for individual consumption on the Ukrainian market,” - commented Kurt Rossi, Export Director at Ovostar Union Group of companies.

6976 reviews