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Ovostar Union Group of Companies Statement on Quarantine Enforcement at the Production Sites

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safety measures

Due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, we are informing you that our production sites have switched to an enhanced security measures mode. Poultry farms continue to operate, but a number of restrictions have been introduced, in particular:

  • quarantine, the ban on all external visits;
  • restrictions on holding face-to-face meetings with more than 5 participants;
  • transfer to remote work for employees not involved in the operating chain of production;
  • strengthening disinfection measures at production and office sites;
  • compulsory medical control in addition to access to production sites through the sanitary gateway: visual inspection and temperature measurement by a medical worker;
  • quarantine disinfection of vehicles entering the territory of poultry farms and participating in the transportation of finished products;
  • company employees are provided with personal protective equipment and disinfection.

Ovostar Union production is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005

(HACCP) and FSSC 22000, which means constant strict control throughout the production chain and minimization of risks.

Ensuring biological safety of products is the standard of the company for many years.

Stay healthy!

6045 reviews