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about ovostar

About us
OVOSTAR is the brand of egg products solutions from one of the leading European chicken egg producer Ovostar Union Group of companies.

Egg processing plant OVOSTAR is a #1 in Ukraine by volume of liquid egg products produced and second largest producer of egg powder.

OVOSTAR’s modern production and commitment to internal and external quality monitoring ensures that our products always meet industry standards for food safety.

Ovostar Union Group
Ovostar Union Group

The egg processing facilities are located in close proximity to Ovostar Union’s poultry farms. That’s why we are confident that only fresh eggs after thorough quality control are being used for processing.

OVOSTAR accommodates the needs of both Ukrainian and global companies of food industry such as producers of confectionary, bakery, meat and fish products, mayonnaise and sauces, foodservice companies. We supply products to over 50 countries of Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

aboutOvostar Union Group

Our current achievements inspire us to grow further. The innovation developments, improvement of production technologies and business processes are daily routine of our team. As our mission is to work and improve ourselves in order to produce high-quality, environmentally friendly and healthy food for the growing world population.


The egg processing plant OVOSTAR started up in the year 2000 when the poultry farm was equipped with the production unit for liquid egg processing.

Then – the stage of the organic growth started which followed up with technology modernization and technical expertise enrichment.

Ovostar Union Group Volume of eggs processed by OVOSTAR, mln eggs
Ovostar Union Group

Currently OVOSTAR is the industry-leading and trendsetting player at Ukrainian market who provides the best egg ingredients solutions to national food manufacturer.

about ovostar



Ovostar Union is a TOP-5 egg producer in Europe

about ovostar

Our production complex is the epitome of up-to-date technologies and innovations

about ovostar

Poultry farms of Ovostar Union produce 5 mln eggs daily, the plant OVOSTAR processes 2 mln eggs daily

ovostar processing

National and global leaders of food industry have chosen our products

ovostar global

Our products are approved by European Union Commission

ovostar europe

We supply products to over 50 countries across the globe

ovostar export

Our record is being 530 mln of eggs exported per year

ovostar global